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Active Vacuum Gauges for Pressure Measurement In-Situ

World-class vacuum measurement for demanding application environments

Our high-quality, durable gauges and instrumentation are designed and engineered to provide industry-leading performance. That makes them ideal for your toughest and most demanding vacuum measurement environments. Our patented convection sensor technology delivers fast response readings, and our unique double inverted magnetron cold cathode offers improved sensitivity over other competing types.

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Vacuum Products Canada Inc. proudly sells and services Pfeiffer, Alcatel, Adixen, Trinos, Televac, McVac, VIC, Vacuum Instrument Corporation, and LD Didactic brands of vacuum equipment, vacuum instrumentation and tools across Canada.  

Our product lines include vacuum pumps, vacuum components, gauges, leak detectors, valves, fittings and lubricants. We also sell turbopumps,  cryogenic pumps, diffusion pumps, gas analysis instrumentation and thin film instrumentation. Pfeiffer gas analysis equipment and VIC turn-key leak detection solutions fill out our inventory.

Vacuum Products Canada Inc. is committed to satisfying our customers and we offer comprehensive before and after sales support. To this end we provide a service department in Mississauga as well as at various Pfeiffer locations world-wide, and knowledgeable technical support personnel to configure turn-key pumping systems and to solve your technical problems.  Service includes maintenance and technical support of all our product lines and most other vacuum pump brands as well as full maintenance contracts to meet specific customer requirements. wpe5.jpg (17774 bytes)
Custom Vacuum Process Applications - Need application support?  Whatever the application, we have the vacuum solution for you.  Whether designing a new degassing system, upgrading your chemical plant, preparing vessels for nuclear waste or designing a wind tunnel, our applications specialists can help you select the right equipment and control system for your needs.  See more about our capabilities on our About VPC Inc. page.
Upgrading and Refurbishing -
Considering modernization of your vacuum or coating system?  Our technical support team will help you make the most of the equipment you have while upgrading the essential tools to keep you current.  Service technicians are here to assist with rebuilding, installing and commissioning your systems.
Pfeiffer Vacuum – a name that stands for innovative solutions, high technology, dependable products and first-class service. For more than 120 years, we have been setting standards in vacuum technology with these attributes. One very special milestone was the invention of the turbopump at our Company more than 50 years ago. Thanks to our know-how, we continue to be the technology and world market leader in this field.
Our extensive line of solutions, products and services ranges from vacuum pumps, measurement and analysis equipment right through to complex vacuum systems. And quality always plays a key role in this connection: Products from Pfeiffer Vacuum are constantly being optimized through close collaboration with customers from a wide variety of industries, through ongoing development work and through the enormous enthusiasm and commitment of our people. These are virtues that we will continue to embrace!
Vacuum Products Canada Inc. represents VIC Leak Detection in Canada.  VIC manufactures, complete turnkey leak-test systems, the industry-standard leak-test instruments that drive those systems, the sensors that drive those leak detectors, and the fixturing, accessories, gas handling systems, gas recovery systems and specialty equipment that complete each turnkey installation. Everything you need from one reliable company, and that is all that VIC has been doing for more than 50 years. 

From opto-electronic devices, auto parts and 55-gallon drums to space suits and nuclear containment vessels, VIC has been designing and building leak-test systems and equipment to meet your requirements for product size, production rate and leak tolerances, utilizing techniques or combinations of techniques ranging from mass flow, pressure decay and differential pressure to mass spectrometry, high-sensitivity, and ultra sensitive atmospheric testing that does not require vacuum components.

Televac provides high-quality vacuum gauges and instrumentation covering the entire practical vacuum range. From 10+3 down to 10-11 Torr, Televac offers accurate, repeatable gauges to meet your vacuum applications. Moreover, Televac is constantly developing innovative new gauges to widen the effective range of measurement and control. Turn to Televac first for state-of-the-art vacuum instrumentation backed by superb R&D, and dedicated support and service.
Thin Film Coating Instruments Leaders In Thin Film Coating Instruments Manufacturing

Vacuum Products Canada Inc. is proud to announce its partnership with McVac Manufacturing Co. Inc.  McVac is a leader in thin film coating instruments manufacturing. Quartz crystal sensors, feedthroughs, oscillators, cables, and related products are used widely throughout the coating industry. McVac also manufactures high and ultra high vacuum components such as fittings, flanges, extensions, nipples, power feedthroughs, bellows, and chambers.

LD Didactic is one of the world's largest providers of instructional supplies for the natural sciences and technology. The product range includes more than 10,000 articles, of which over 5,000 are made in our own plants.

For 150 years we have been providing consultation and implementation for international training projects.  Company training programs, universities, technical training schools, colleges and high schools rely on our turn-key programs and experiments to educate their students in the physics, electronics, automotive and other technologies.

LD Didactic works exclusively with experienced and leading partners. Whatever you want to use in your instruction: our partners and LD Didactic will produce and procure it for you.

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