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Spinbox is a modular bench-top electrospinning and electrospraying instrument designed for lab-scale fabrication of micro- or nano-structured fibers and particles for use in a wide variety of applications including regenerative medicine, drug delivery, microencapsulation of food or skin-care ingredients, functional textiles, filtration, and many more.

Bioinicia brings its expertise as a leading supplier of premium-quality electrospinning and electrospraying equipment to launch this latest instrument, which offers an ideal platform for materials development, proof-of-concept and teaching purposes.

Specifications and features

  • Simple design for proof-of-concept and feasibility studies of new materials
  • Built to fit into small lab spaces
  • Solvent resistant to effective cleaning
  • Touch control interface
  • Coaxial configuration
  • Exchangeable rotating collectors with scanning motion emitter
  • Extraction fan
  • Safety interlock
  • CE certified and UL/CSA compatible
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Available in Canada

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