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In accordance with ISO EN-1071-2 and VDI 3198

Instrument for rapid measuring thickness of thin hard coatings

Manufacturers and users of hard coatings are often confronted with the problem of the measurement of the thickness of coatings. TRIBOtechnic has created a new and innovative instrument called CALOTESTER fully equipped with all items needed for measuring thickness of coatings, at your finger tips: programmed spherical abrasion controlled by microprocessor; microscope for measurement of abraded coatings and a calculator to supply the results of thickness automatically.

For tests with higher precision of results and a more user-friendly interface, a CALOTESTER equipped with a video camera and measurement software is available.


  • PVD and CVD coatings
  • Sputtering, ion plating
  • Evaporation in vacuum
  • Anodic oxidation
  • Galvanized coatings
  • Chemical coatings