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Fluidnatek LE-100


The Fluidnatek LE-100 is an advanced R&D tool with the flexibility to suit even the most advanced electrospinning of electrospraying projects. With a large experimental chamber and wide range of optional features, the LE-100 can be adapted to any task. Crucially, it is compatible with an AC unit for climate control, which can be added at any time, making it an ideal machine for conducting precise research, development , or small-scale production activites.

Specifications and features

  • Equipment choice for advanced development projects
  • Large experimental chamber for flexible configuration
  • Ultimate control of all processing parameters
  • Actively regulated exhaust system with pressure sensing
  • Solvent resistant for effective cleaning and cleanroom compatibility
  • Touch control interface with data logging multi user-level access
  • Up to 20 emitters for increased productivity
  • Programmable X, Y and Z axes motion for patterned deposition
  • Exchangeable rotating collectors with scanning motion emitter
  • Compatible AC unit for temperature and humidity control
  • Safety interlock
  • CE certified and UL compatible
  • Machine Qualification package available to enable GMP or ISO13485 process validation