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Fluidnatek LE-500


The Fluidnatek LE-500 is a pilot-line production tool that provides all of the capability needed to develop a product from initial concept to pilot-scale manufacture. With roll-to-roll collection, large-volume solution reservoirs, and high-throughput multi-emitter spinning heads, the LE-500 is the ideal platform for fabrication of pre-production volumes of production-quality materials.

Specifications and features

  • Configurable for R&D and/or pilot-scale production
  • Exchangeable rotating collectors and roll-to-roll with scanning motion emitters
  • Multi-emitter spinning heads for high-throughput electrospinning or electrospraying
  • Large-volume solution feeding system for extended production batches (single-phase or coaxial)
  • Solvent resistant for effective cleaning and cleanroom compatibility
  • Touch control interface with data logging and multi user-level access
  • Compatible AC unit for temperature and humidity control
  • Safety interlock
  • CE certified and UL compatible
  • Machine Qualification package available to enable GMP or ISO13485 process validation