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Glove Box System by Inert

Glove Box Systems by

Innovative solutions for controlled, inert working environnements to <1 PPM O2 & H20.

Inert, industry-leading innovative provider, specializes in delivering reliable standardized

& custom-built inert atmosphere Glove Boxes & Gas Management Systems.

Together, Inert & Vacuum Products Canada merge their expertise to champion a shared commitment to excellence, quality, & customer satisfaction across various sectors including research, pharmaceuticals, nuclear, industry, and energy, while ensuring exceptional local service and swift delivery throughout Canada.

Positive Pressure Glove Boxes

Manufacturers and researchers rely on Inert for unparalleled control over glove box atmospheres and working conditions.

The INERT’s hermetic, positive, and negative pressure glove boxes are customized to meet diverse needs, underpinned by a commitment to service excellence and innovative design.

With modular platforms facilitating rapid delivery and expansion, users gain ultimate control over chamber atmospheres and surrounding conditions.

The INERT’s PureLab HE and I-Lab GloveBox Systems cater to air-free and water-free processing requirements, offering premium, inert laboratory solutions.

Inert’s Gas Management Systems ensure optimal environments within dry glove boxes, enhancing efficiency and safety.

PureLab HE GloveBox Systems
Nuclear glove box

Negative Pressure Glove Boxes

Inert provides advanced isolator and glove box solutions to safeguard products, operators, and the environment.

Specializing in high-security glove boxes for the pharma and nuclear industries, our negative pressure systems ensure the highest levels of containment.

Expertly designed and customizable, our solutions meet stringent industry standards, offering unmatched operator safety and process efficiency in nuclear and hazardous environments.

Custom Glovebox & Gas Management Systems for Hermetic Enclosures

Inert’s custom gloveboxes and integrated atmospheric chambers offer tailored solutions for unique environments where argon and nitrogen gas monitoring is crucial. Our modular systems are engineered to seamlessly integrate with your manufacturing environment and gas handling needs, optimizing efficiency and process control. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, we design durable, efficient enclosures for industries including 3D printing, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductors. With flexible integration options and a focus on timely delivery, we ensure seamless installation and operation within your manufacturing workflow. Contact us for a customized solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Protect your most important tools

Ensure the safety and dexterity of your operations with Inert’s comprehensive collection of gloves for dry boxes, insulators and sleeves. From butyl to neoprene, Inert has a wide range of gloves for a variety of applications, including the nuclear, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Thanks to rigorous quality control and serialization, Inert gloves guarantee the highest level of protection for your critical work.


Parts and accessories for glove boxes and systems

Inert’s wide range of parts and accessories keeps your glovebox system running smoothly. From antechamber door pistons to vacuum pumps, Inert offers everything you need to maintain and optimize your system’s performance.

Complete local Service & Support

With VPC, you benefit from complete support, from installation to maintenance. Our dedicated professionals ensure the integrity and efficiency of your systems, whether new installations or systems already in service. Across Canada, we offer complete solutions tailored to your needs.

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