Roughness tester with skidless tracer for universal tests

Hight precision surface roughness meter offers the maximum of flexibility allowing to measure the quality of surfaces for universal use. Its resolution is 7.55 nanometer in Z.

– Automatic report after each measurement
– User friendly software
– Choice of many types of tracers to solve nearly all measurement tasks
– Calibration for maximum 8 tracers

The tracers are the core elements and the main advantage of the roughness meter. They are to a wide extent the determining factor of the precision of the measuring values obtained.


• Only skidless tracers can provide accurate and reliable measurement of roughness
• because they can reach any kind of the sample surface to supply high precision results. They use an internal reference and don’t depend on the sample.
• Allows to carry out measurements on very small samples (1 mm) while sensors with skids require much larger samples.