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Maintenance programs

Do you know how much unplanned downtime costs you per minute, per hour or per day?
Do you know how much of this downtime you can avoid?

Reactive maintenance can result in high costs, unplanned downtime, disruption of operations and reduced equipment and system life.
We help you make the right choices and investments in the right maintenance for your needs, to help you avoid surprises.

We specialize in providing preventive maintenance programs, as well as predictive maintenance programs, for manufacturing industries. Preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance are two different approaches in industrial maintenance.

The main difference between the two is that preventive maintenance is based on a regular maintenance schedule planned to prevent breakdowns, while predictive maintenance uses data and analysis to predict failures before they occur.

We understand the importance of keeping your equipment in good working condition for continuous and reliable production.

Preventive maintenance

is a proactive approach where maintenance is carried out in a planned and regular manner, according to a predetermined schedule (annually, biannually, quarterly, monthly). This can include inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of equipment to prevent breakdowns. This approach is typically used for equipment with well-known and predictable failure modes.

Predictive maintenance

on the other hand, uses monitoring technologies to collect data on the condition of equipment. This data is then analyzed to detect anomalies and trends, thereby predicting failures before they occur. This approach allows for better planning of maintenance operations, avoiding unplanned production interruptions.

Here are some of the benefits of our preventive and predictive maintenance services:

Unplanned downtime can be costly for your business due to production losses and high repair costs. Our preventive and predictive maintenance programs reduce the risks of equipment failure, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted production.

Repair costs can be significant, especially if issues are not detected in time. Our preventive and predictive maintenance programs allow for early detection of problems, reducing repair costs and avoiding unexpected expenses.

Equipment failures can be dangerous for your employees. Our preventive and predictive maintenance programs identify risk areas and take necessary measures to reduce them.

Preventive and predictive maintenance programs can prevent damage caused by wear and tear, leaks, manufacturing defects, etc. This can extend the lifespan of your equipment, reducing replacement costs and improving long-term profitability.

These maintenance programs allow for effective maintenance planning, reducing equipment downtime and avoiding unnecessary production disruptions.

We offer customized maintenance programs tailored to your specific needs. We are equipped with the latest equipment condition monitoring technologies and data analysis techniques to ensure effective predictive maintenance. Vacuum Products Canada is committed to providing quality services according to prevailing standards to ensure your equipment remains in good working order.

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