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Technical service in house and on-site

We offer maintenance and repair services both at our logistics center and on site for your equipment:

Full on-site service

Our Vacuum Products Canada service provides you with a complete on-site service.

What are the benefits of using our full on-site service?

Full on-site service means that our technicians will come directly to your location to perform all maintenance and repair work on your vacuum equipment. This means that you won’t have to move your equipment and waste time and energy moving it (them ?) to our logistics center. It also allows you to save time and money by avoiding production downtime.

Our technicians who perform on-site work have technical experience and expertise in vacuum technology. They are knowledgeable about vacuum equipment and can quickly diagnose problems and efficiently resolve them. They can also provide advice and recommendations to optimize the performance of your vacuum equipment.

We understand that your vacuum equipment is crucial to your business and that downtime can have a significant impact on your productivity. That’s why we are flexible in terms of scheduling and deadlines, to accommodate your needs and minimize disruptions to your production. Full on-site service ensures a quick response in case of problems with your vacuum equipment. Our technicians can quickly intervene and perform the necessary work to minimize production downtime.

Maintenance and repair costs are clearly defined in advance, allowing you to budget accurately and avoid unexpected costs.

Our technicians will work with you to understand your specific needs and customize services to meet those needs. They will provide recommendations for necessary improvements to optimize the performance of your vacuum equipment and provide you with detailed reports on the work performed.

We are committed to providing superior service to all of our clients. We ensure rigorous quality control of each repaired equipment to ensure that performance and safety standards are met, and we provide a guarantee on our work to give you peace of mind.