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Are you looking for a high-quality training course to learn the basics of vacuum and leak detection?

We offer a comprehensive training program on these key topics.

We understand the importance of mastering these skills for many industries, including manufacturing, research and development, and healthcare. That’s why our training is designed to provide a solid foundation in vacuum and leak detection, as well as to teach best practices in these areas.

Our experienced trainers are experts in their field and have extensive practical experience in the manufacturing industry. They use real-life examples to help learners understand theoretical concepts and provide practical advice for applying knowledge in the workplace.

Our training covers a variety of topics, including:

  • The basic principles of vacuum and vacuum systems
  • The different methods of leak detection, including helium leak detection
  • Factors that affect leak detection and how to minimize them
  • Best practices for leak prevention
  • Pump maintenance and performance (RGA)
  • Mass spectrometry

Basic Vacuum Technic Training

Presentation of the basic concepts of vacuum physics and familiarization with pressure measurement. The objective is to better understand the operating principles and issues related to vacuum installations.

Basic Leak Detection Training

Presentation of the basic concepts of leak detection. The aim is to introduce real and virtual leaks, to raise awareness of the different leak detection methods and equipment.

Specific Leak Detection Training

We can customize the training based on your specific needs, case studies and procedures, as well as the level of knowledge of your learners.

The Vacuum Products Canada training takes place on your site, allowing for real-life practice to apply the knowledge gained to improve the efficiency and safety of your processes.

Contact us today to learn more about our training courses and to discuss how we can meet your training needs.