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TFSC Instruments


Thin Film Instruments for photosensitve materials and devices

TFSC-Instrument is manufacturing scientific instruments for characterization of thin film semiconductors materials and devices.

The QUESA, QUESMA and QUEMA are new generation equipments with innovative EQE and Solar Simulator with I-V measurement combination on solar cells and other devices. The SSPG-200 to SSPG-300 are dedicated to material charactérization such as diffusion lengths and material conductivities: dark and photo.

These instruments which are based on patented concepts allow to measure electronic transport properties such as charge carrier diffusion length for material such as organic or non organic thin films used in Photovoltaïc and Photonic applications. The measurement is direct and fast and highly reliable.
Both SSPG and SSPC techniques are used to extract the electronic parameters of the materials: photoconductivity, dark conductivity, activation energy and majority carrier life time and mobility.

(< 1cm²)
(up to 30×30 cm²)

SSPG-100 Carrier Diffusion Length

SSPG-230 Carrier Diffusion Length